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  • Transformational Shamanic Medicine: It includes guided journey to set your intention,  Breathwork to release what is in the way, and some craniosacral therapy for integration of your Body and Soul
  • Coaching: My style is very intuitive and I blend a traditional coaching style with ancient wisdom applied to modern day life. I will hold you in the fullness of who you are inspiring you to align to your Highest Self and the Highest Vision for your Life.
  • Soul Remembering: This technique is about unwinding what is holding you back at the physical, emotional or mental level and exploring the origin of the bloc or constriction in this current life or past lives you have have had.  We will engage to create an energetic shift. This modality is a powerful yet gentle way to transmute energy. I will hold you in Absolute Truth of who you are.
  • Shamanic Pranayam: This powerful very ancient technology will allow you to access and release what may be deeply stuck in your body. You will do so by by-passing the mind and you will feel an amazing energetic transformation in your physical body as well as your emotional body.
  • Affirmative Prayer: Through affirmative Prayer, we increase our Consciousness of Good eternally flowing to us as us. Prayers are part of my daily practice and I am always happy to Pray for you orally or in writing.
  • Sacred Alchemy Circle: It is in the magic of connecting with others and with the parts of ourselves that may be hidden that we allow true transformation, inspiration and growth to occur. I lead monthly Circles where all are welcome.

My philosophy is inspired by my Training as a Modern Day Priestess, with the Institute of Modern Wisdom, which is based on Oneness, Right Relationships, a life lived in Consciousness and Love Absolute. I believe that everyone is born whole and our purpose in this life is to Remember our Truth, our Light, our Bliss, our connection to the Divine and to be Love.

I use Shamanic Breathwork, Guided Imagery, Soul Remembering, Affirmative Prayer, Visioning along with Reiki, Craniosacral therapy and Coaching to support you on your Healing journey.

I offer and will create Ceremonies with you. Creating ceremonies is a very powerful way of letting go of what is no longer needed and anchoring and welcoming the new.

My Healing Room is located in my home. I live surrounded by beautiful nature, where hundreds of birds feed everyday, frogs and koi share a pond, and many other creatures live in harmony. At the end of a session, I encourage my clients to take some extra time to commune with nature.


I also have 2 sweet dogs and 3 cats (dogs or cats have never been allowed in the healing room).

I co-lead Sacred Cacao ceremonies with my husband in the Mid-Atlantic area and I lead Sacred Alchemy Circles in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Contact me for more information. Let me know if you would like to be put on my mailing list.

Let's engage in a conversation to find out what would work best for you.

I am in service to you.


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